Latest Technology

We have the most advanced technology in all our clinics so we can give the correct diagnosis and provide the best solution while always prioritising your comfort so you do not have to travel far.

We have the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology in dentistry. For us, an early and accurate diagnosis is essential and therefore we have not spared any cost on resources, thus differentiating us from most dental clinics. Our team is in constant training to make use of the latest techniques in dentistry and thus offer the best solution to our patients. For this reason, at Santident Dental Clinic we are committed to technological progress and constantly updating our facilities to introduce new dental technologies. In support of this is our acquisition of a 3D CAT and an ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPE.

SIRONA 3D CAT. Latest generation Radiology

Technological advances in diagnostics allow us one more dimension (depth) in the images obtained. The precision of 3D images facilitates diagnosis and allows us to create the treatment plans in any specialty with greater accuracy: implantology, endodontics, orthodontics or surgery. The third dimension increases the clinical safety and confidence of the patient.

Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste
Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

ZEISS ELECTRON MICROSCOPE. Microscope-optimised Dentistry

The dental microscope is an essential optical instrument for carrying out diagnosis and treatment with micrometric precision. The quality of the treatment is optimised as it reduces the amount of healthy tissue that is eliminated, thus increasing the lifespan of the tooth. Despite the benefits of this technology, there are very few clinics in the world that currently have it. It requires a large economic investment and human effort to understand it. In addition, in a sector where low-cost dentistry and insurers are based on fast and cheap dentistry, these technological advances are difficult to assume. In Santident Dental Clinic we rely on efficient and quality treatment, for which we have acquired an ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPE so that all our patients can benefit from the advantages of this technology.


During your consultation, every second counts. Each additional step that is carried out during the image acquisition is a distraction for your doctor. When digital scanning becomes an easy and simple process, the doctor has more time for diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as focusing on what really matters: the patient's treatment. The Carestream Dental scanners transform the consultation and allow the transition from examination to treatment to be carried out quickly and conveniently for patients.

Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste
Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

LASER DIODE. The best technical support for Oral Surgery

The laser diode has numerous applications in the specialty of oral surgery, being used preferably to perform surgical interventions on soft tissues provided they do not involve excessive bleeding. In Endodontics, Orofacial Implantology and Periodontics it is used for its important bactericidal effect. It is also used in teeth whitening procedures. It is important to properly control the application time and power to avoid the overheating of neighbouring tissues which would result in necrosis. Whenever the laser diode is used, the eye protection recommended for the professional, the assistants and auxiliary personnel, as well as for the patient, must be adhered to.

CONSCIOUS SEDATION. The latest technology with automatic flow control.

All the pieces are manufactured in Tecno-Gaz and are subject to rigorous individual control. An elegant piece of equipment has been designed for the oxygen and nitrous oxide bottles that include reducers and connections so that the patient does not endure a negative visual and psychological impact.

Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste
Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

DENTAL OZONE THERAPY. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses in just 20 seconds.

Disinfection of bacteria and healing wounds. Used in caries treatments, root extraction and the majority of dental treatments. It eliminates 99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses in just 20 seconds, thus helping the regeneration of tissues.