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Advanced Surgery

To solve the most complex cases

advanced surgery santident

Oral Surgery is a specialty of Dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, wounds and defects of the mouth and tooth structure.

Surgical treatment of diseases, defects and traumas that affect teeth, gums, jaws and their adjacent tissues using the most advanced techniques, and which is painless for the patient.



Surgical procedure to remove a tooth which cannot be restored, or which may affect the other teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction of the wisdom teeth.

Periodontal surgery

Surgical procedure to treat an infection in the tissues surrounding the tooth.

Periapical surgery

Surgical access to the root of the tooth to eliminate an infection or radicular cyst.

Bone regeneration

Carrying out a bone graft in cases where there has been a reduction of bone tissue.

COVID-19 security measures

We want to help you return to normality and we have the best professionals for your implantology treatment, complying with all the requirements of excellence and hygiene.

At Santident Dental Clinic we follow a meticulous sterilization process for all the material and all of our professionals will assist you with their personal protective equipment (PPE). We will make the most of each of your visits to reduce the number of times the patient visits the clinic.


“Our goal is to give the best answer to all oral problems.”

Dr. Oscar Ríos Menchel, Director of Santident Dental Clinic

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Dr. Óscar Ríos

Implantology, Prothesis and Advanced Surgery

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