Dental Aesthetics

Treatments aimed at improving the quality and appearance of the smile using the most advanced technologies.

Teeth Whitening: Restoring dental aesthetic reducing the tonality of the enamel by several shades to achieve a whiter and brighter smile. Produces the patient’s desired tooth colour after the teeth have stained and darkened over the years due to various causes.

Veneers: Solving dental problems quickly and easily without resorting to more complex treatments. It allows the reconstruction of broken teeth, gap correction, short or misshapen teeth and improves the colour of the teeth.

Aesthetic periodontics: Solving diseases or anomalies that affect the tissues supporting the teeth. A personalised treatment plan is offered taking into account the causes in each patient.

Orthodontics: Correcting and aligning the position of the teeth. It fixes the abnormal position of a tooth, correcting rotations and inclinations. Our team will offer you the different orthodontic alternatives for each case. It is an effective treatment for any age group.

Our Clinics
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Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

Dra. Cristina Mendoza

Endodontics and Aesthetics Specialist
Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

Dra. Maria Jesus Martinez

Estética, prótesis y Periodoncia