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Dental Implant

The best solution to replace lost teeth.

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Dental implant in valencia

Dental implant: restore the functionality and appearance of your mouth

Dental implantology is the best solution to replace lost teeth. An implant is a titanium screw that is placed, through minor surgical intervention, in the maxillary bone and replaces the root of the missing tooth.

It offers all the functionality and appearance of natural teeth, thus being a safe, permanent and attractive solution. An alternative to traditional crowns, bridges and dentures.

We strive for quality and innovation, which is why we use the most advanced surgical and dental implant techniques and have the latest technology to offer the most innovative dental implantology solutions.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

Because in addition to solving the aesthetic part, you will avoid other problems such as:

Dental displacements

It is common for adjacent teeth to try to occupy the gap of the missing tooth, which is why they tend to move in order to fill the space. At the same time, this triggers a bad occlusion and increases the likelihood of gingival problems arising when food accumulates in that space.

Phonation problems

If teeth are missing, it may be difficult to pronounce some phonemes or sounds correctly.


and wear or joint pains.

Digestive problems

caused by not being able to chew properly. Food in the space.

COVID-19 security measures

We want to help you return to normality and we have the best professionals for your implantology treatment, complying with all the requirements of excellence and hygiene.

At Santident Dental Clinic we follow a meticulous sterilization process for all the material and all of our professionals will assist you with their personal protective equipment (PPE). We will make the most of each of your visits to reduce the number of times the patient visits the clinic.


“Our goal is to give the best answer to all oral problems.”

Dr. Oscar Ríos Menchel, Director of Santident Dental Clinic

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Dr. Óscar Ríos

Implantology, Prothesis and advanced surgery

Santident. Clínica Dental Picanya, Paterna y Cheste

Dra. Elena Talamantes

Implantology and Oral Surgery

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