The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases or anomalies that affect the gums and the bone supporting the tooth.

Poor oral hygiene can cause accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar in the neck of the tooth, in the gums and below the gum. This causes bleeding gums, tooth mobility and bad breath. The main periodontal diseases are gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding of the gum) and periodontitis (destruction of the bone that supports the tooth).

Periodontal scraping: Deep cleaning of the gums under local anaesthesia to remove the accumulated plaque below the gum that adheres to the tooth root and causes inflammation of the gums.

Gingivectomy: Surgical procedure by which injured gingival tissue is removed.

Gingivoplasty: Similar to gingivectomy but used for a different purpose since its purpose is to eliminate periodontal pockets and reshape as part of the technique, seeking to restore its normal architecture and physiology. It is always accompanied by the technique of gingivectomy.

Periodontal surgery: Treatment of deep periodontal pockets, allowing regularising bone defects and improving the health of the gums.

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