Dental prostheses

The loss of teeth is a functional and aesthetic problem that can harm other teeth if not treated correctly.

At Santident Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience in dental prostheses and offer different solutions to replace lost teeth, with treatments that adapt to the needs and characteristics of each patient.

After carrying out the personalised study, the different alternatives are explained alongside the advantages and disadvantages of each one. The dental prosthesis is a treatment to fully restore (all teeth) or partially restore (one or more teeth) the teeth and thus return its functionality and appearance. In addition, these may be fixed (cannot be removed by the patient) or removable (can be removed and placed by the patient).

Various types of dental protheses are available depending on the needs of patient.

Complete dental plate: A complete denture which is supported by the gum.

Removable denture: A denture fastened by anchors to your teeth and supported by the gum.

Fixed denture: false teeth that are supported on existing teeth and cannot be removed by the patient.

Implant-supported denture: the only difference from the fixed bridgework is that this is supported by dental implants.


CAD (computer-aided design) - CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is a system that designs the dental pieces to be used in a patient’s mouth. The use of this technology represents an important saving for the patient, both economically and in terms of treatment. Likewise, the accuracy of this system cannot be compared with any other.

The system creates a 3D simulation of the dental pieces which makes it possible to carry out a more precise, more agile and faster performance compared with the traditional methods of taking measurements in the patient’s mouth using silicones and creating moulds.

The CAD-CAM technology uses an intraoral scanner that obtains a perfectly true 3D image of the patient's mouth. In this way, it avoids taking several measurements that unnecessarily lengthen the process. From there, the prosthetist gets a digital file of the mouth and, through the software program, projects the piece in 3D. This file is sent to our supplier and in a period of approximately 48 to 72 hours, the dental piece is made to measure.

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