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Pediatric Dentistry

Dental care from childhood for a healthier future

Childhood is an important stage for oral health.

Good health hygiene habits and a proper diet are essential to avoid future diseases.

Our paediatric dentistry specialists offer you the best solution for the little ones in the family.

Do you know what Pediatric Dentistry is?

Paediatric Dentistry is one of the branches of Dentistry that is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems in children. The objective is:

  • To detect anomalies in the position of the teeth
  • Restore traumatisms
  • Encourage proper oral hygiene

At Santident Dental Clinic we have extensive experience in children’s dental treatment, offering them the special attention they deserve. Prevention is the best solution, so we promote and advise on healthy oral habits.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

With our pediatric dentistry services you will enjoy the best quality and professionalism for your children.

Sealing cracks

Paediatric Orthodontics

Fluorine applications

Milk teeth extraction

COVID-19 security measures

We want to help you return to normality and we have the best professionals for your implantology treatment, complying with all the requirements of excellence and hygiene.

At Santident Dental Clinic we follow a meticulous sterilization process for all the material and all of our professionals will assist you with their personal protective equipment (PPE). We will make the most of each of your visits to reduce the number of times the patient visits the clinic.


“Our goal is to give the best answer to all oral problems.”

Dr. Oscar Ríos Menchel, Director of Santident Dental Clinic

Know the team

Dra. Maria Fernanda García

Paediatric Dentistry and Conservative

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