Advanced Implantology

Advanced dental implantology restores the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

Advanced implantology is one of the best options to rehabilitate a person's mouth when it has lost one or more teeth. Its goal is to restore the patient’s chewing function so that they can eat without pain and so that the rest of the teeth will not be affected by this absence.

In addition to this functional purpose, dental implants also restore the appearance of your teeth, allowing you to freely smile without complexes and recover self-esteem that, in many cases, has been lost.

At Santident, we are committed to quality and innovation which is why we use the most advanced surgical and dental implant techniques. We also have the latest technology so that we can offer the most innovative dental implantology solutions.

With the Immediate Loading All-on-4 implants we can replace the missing teeth with a bridge anchored to four dental implants, thus reducing the treatment time and guaranteeing greater stability. This innovative solution allows the placement of provisional teeth on the same day of the operation and, after a few weeks of healing, the final teeth are placed.

Advantages of Immediate Loading ALL-ON-4 implants:

  • Immediate prothesis
  • Greater stability
  • Cost reduction
  • Minor post-operative care
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CAD (computer-aided design) - CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is a system that designs the dental pieces to be used in a patient’s mouth. The use of this technology represents an important saving for the patient, both economically and in terms of treatment. Likewise, the accuracy of this system cannot be compared with any other.

The system creates a 3D simulation of the dental pieces which makes it possible to carry out a more precise, more agile and faster performance compared with the traditional methods of taking measurements in the patient’s mouth using silicones and creating moulds.

The CAD-CAM technology uses an intraoral scanner that obtains a perfectly true 3D image of the patient's mouth. In this way, it avoids taking several measurements that unnecessarily lengthen the process. From there, the prosthetist gets a digital file of the mouth and, through the software program, projects the piece in 3D. This file is sent to our supplier and in a period of approximately 48 to 72 hours, the dental piece is made to measure.


Zygomatic implants are a revolutionary treatment that allows implant placement in cases with severe maxillary bone loss. With this technique, it is possible to place a fixed upper prosthesis in patients with whom, due to lack of bone, the usual techniques are not possible. Treatment is simplified by eliminating the need for bone grafts.

  • Bone grafts not necessary
  • Immediate prothesis
  • Cost reduction
  • Minor post-operative care